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6 Strand Wire Ropes

A standard 6x36 construction is very robust but has limited resistance to rotation and may cause complications because of twisting and eventual kinking of the wire rope.

The 6 Strand Wire Ropes category includes standard 6 strand, round strand ropes with 25 through 61 wires per strand.

The 6 Strand Wire Ropes are important for their fatigue resistance; this fatigue resistance is made possible by the greater number of small wires per strand.

As the rope size increases, a large number of wires can be used to achieve required fatigue resistance, and still those wires will be large enough to offer adequate resistance to abrasion.


Rope Size


up to 50mm

6x25 and 6x36

50mm to 76mm

6x36 and 6x41

76mm to 96mm

6x41, 6x47, 6x49 and 6x52

96mm and above

6x49, 6x52, 6x55 and 6x61