Technical Services


Wire Rope Spooling And Installation

In addition to highly experienced technical services personnel, Future Synthetic operates a fleet of rugged wire rope spoolers that can accommodate reel weights of up to 300 MT.



Anchor Line / Winch Wire Spooling and Installation

Our KimSpool fleet of spoolers produce back tension and are of a rugged design for offshore conditions.

KimSpool 7 can accommodate an individual reel weight of 300 MT, one of the largest spoolers in the industry.

  Crane Rope Spooling and Installation

Installation of crane rope requires highly trained and specialized personnel and Future Synthethic has performed many of these projects worldwide.
  Umbilical Spooling and Installation

Umbilical spooling requires specially adapted reels and spoolers in order to protect the integrity of the umbilical cable.