Technical Services




EMAG (Magnetic Rope) Testing

Our EMAG testing unit is made in the USA and uses the latest, proven technology to deliver accurate magnetic rope test results.

It has the ability to test wire rope of diameters up to 170mm.


  Load Testing of Cranes, Davits and A-Frames

We have our own inventory of SEAFLEX water bags, dead weights and load shackles in order to provide on-site testing and certification of all major deck equipment.
  Proof Load Testing and Certification of Heavy Lift Slings & Shackles

With our 3,000MT test bed in Malaysia (left) and 1,000MT test bed in the UAE, Future Synthetic provides full testing, inspection and certification services for heavy lift slings, shackles and grommets.

  Load Testing and Certification of Load Frames, Spreaders and Other Equipment

At our various rigging facilities Future Synthetic will also test  and certify other rigging and lifting equipment such as spreader bars, crane blocks, lifting frames and winches.

We will also refurbish the equipment, restoring it to an as-new condition wherever possible.



Inspection and Certification of Anchor Chain

Anchor chain used on offshore drill rigs may be inspected, refurbished and certified according to the latest international standards.